The 12th International Workshop on Network-based
Virtual Reality and Tele-existence (INVITE'2017)

in conjunction with

The 20 the International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems

Ryerson University, Canada, August 24 -26, 2017



As advent of high-speed network and grid computing technologies, virtual reality environment distributed over gigabit network has been shared to construct a huge shared space where many new applications including Tele-medicine, space and industrial design, entertainment, virtual museum, 3D-shopping, etc. are realized using computer graphics device, huge computing power and human sensing devices.  

The INVITEf2017 is the 11th international workshop and will serve as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas regarding with Network-based Virtual Reality and Tele-existence. The INVITEf2017 is will be held in conjunction with International Conference on Network-Based Information Systems (NBiSf2017) Ryerson University, Canada. We invite you to participate in the INVITEf2017 workshop and submit papers on the research, development and applications on topics related to network-based virtual reality and Tele-existence. Since the field of VR is still evolving, the scope of the conference is broad. Among the areas that INVITEf2017 will cover are :

  • Software Architectures for Network-based VR
  • Tools and Techniques for Modeling Network VR Systems
  • Distributed VR Systems
  • VR Interaction and Navigation Techniques
  • Tele-presence and Telemedicine
  • Spatial 3D Audio
  • Motion Tracking
  • VR Input and Output Devices
  • Innovative Applications of VR
  • Human Factors of VR
  • Evaluation of VR Techniques and Systems


  • Submission Deadline:       April 30, 2017
  • Author Notification:          May 25, 2017
  • Author Registration:         June 10, 2017
  • Final Manuscript Due:       June 10, 2017


Authors should submit a paper to INVITE workshop with maximum 10 pages in length, including all figures, tables, and references. However, authors can add up to 2 extra pages with the appropriate fee payment.

Papers must be prepared using the Lecture Notes Style of Springer Proceedings (download from HERE source files), and must be formatted in PDF format.

All papers will be refereed by members of the program committee.

Please prepare your paper in PDF file and send us:


  • For submission details please contact:
  • Ph.D. Tomoyuki Ishida
  • Department of Computer and Information Sciences, College of Engineering
  • Ibaraki University
  • TEL +81-294-38-5138
  • Email: tomoyuki.ishida.49[at]


  • Program Chairs
    • Yoshitaka Shibata, Iwate Prefectural University
    • Tomoyuki Ishida, Ibaraki University

  • Program committee
    • Koji Koyamada, Kyoto University
    • Masao Yokota, Fukuoka Institute of Technology
    • Yasuo Ebara, Osaka University
    • Hideo Miyachi, Tokyo City University
    • Tetsuro Ogi, Keio University
    • Akihiro Miyakawa, Nanao City
    • Kaoru Sugita, Fukuoka Institute of Technology
    • Noriki Uchida, Fukuoka Institute of Technology